3 schools, 27 volunteers, 130+ students

This school year, we are running Project Prelude Chapters at three different schools! 


Aloha-Huber Park Chapter

At Aloha-Huber Park, we are teaching both 1st year and 2nd year students! Many of our students have the opportunity to play violin once a year, but desire to engage more with the instrument year-round. Project Prelude gives them the opportunity to explore music and the violin. We have over 50 students in total, and our team includes 7 student volunteers and 3 school teachers.


McKinley Chapter

We are teaching students how to play both the violin and the flute at McKinley, as well as music theory lessons. Most of our students have had little to no experience with the instruments they are learning, so our McKinley class places a large emphasis on the fundamental technique of these instruments. On the flute side, we have 10 students and 4 student volunteers. For the violin, we have 40 students and 7 student volunteers. We also have 3 administrative volunteers working at McKinley and a teacher supervisor.


Raleigh Hills Chapter

At Raleigh Hills, we are focusing on the violin! We have 40 students at Raleigh Hills, all going through our first year violin curriculum, which includes songs that our students recognize, like Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and Mary Had A Little Lamb . We also have 6 student volunteers teaching at this chapter. 


You can find regular updates on our chapters on our social media accounts!