2016-2017 Violin Program

Our first group lesson program started in the fall of 2016 at Aloha-Huber Park K-8 School. We had more than 25 4th-5th grade students regularly attending classes. The class ran weekly through the entire school year. Our violin class had no barrier to entry and was absolutely no cost to the students. We provided books, supplies and instruments to the students. 85% of Aloha Huber Park's students are economically disadvantaged, and would otherwise not have the opportunity to learn how to play an instrument. All of our teachers were high school-aged volunteers who have years of experience playing the violin.



We formed small groups of around six students for each teacher, allowing students to enjoy individual attention. Students learned new pieces every few weeks, and continued to improve and refine the music they already learned. Our curriculum is loosely based on the Suzuki method.

Mr. Meek, the music teacher we worked with at Aloha-Huber, said of our program: "The growth of the students over the course of the year was amazing. Many started off with very little experience on the violin, and were not used to performing as an ensemble. The students learned many different songs and variations, and learned how to play together and give constructive feedback to each other. This was a wonderful opportunity for the students to perform in small groups with their teacher and demonstrate all of the music they had learned to play. The students were clearly excited and proud of how far they had come and were delighted to perform for their families. The students were so sad when the program ended and they had to return their instruments."

A parent of one of our students also wrote, "The enthusiasm that the kids developed for music and strings over the year was evident. The high school students that taught were clearly passionate. They created a great program for the kids."



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