This year, we are offering Project Prelude programs at two elementary schools!

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Aloha Huber Park Chapter

We are teaching 1st year, 2nd year, and 3rd year violin students at Aloha Huber Park! We are additionally working on flute lessons and music theory studies. Students are excited to learn musical and technical skills through fun, engaging activities. We have 23 students total, with 14 violin students and 6 flute students. Our students are supported by 8 high school volunteer teachers, including one administrative volunteer, in addition to a school advisor.


McKinley Chapter

At McKinley, we are teaching both new and returning students on the violin. In addition to the violin focused lessons, we are continuing our music theory program with returning students and the new students. Returning students are playing favorite familiar pieces such as Beauty and the Beast, Harry Potter, Pirates of the Caribbean, A Whole New World, and more! We have 28 violin students and 8 student volunteers, including 2 administrative volunteers, in addition to a teacher advisor.


Private Lesson Program

Outside of our weekly after-school classes, we also offer private lessons on students’ instruments of choice. Our motivated students are connect with experienced high school musicians to work on skills and songs to advanced their musical ability.