Cammie Lee || Music Director

Cammie is a senior at the Catlin Gabel school.  She began playing violin at the age of four under the tutelage of Beverley Lawrence, and now studies with Carol Sindell. In 2007, Cammie joined the Metropolitan Youth Symphony (MYS), and currently performs in MYS' Symphony Orchestra, MYSfits (a small orchestra for strings), and participates in their chamber music program. She also enjoys playing the piano, having begun her studies at the keyboard when she was eight, and the ukulele. Aside from her various musical endeavors, Cammie is an active member of Model United Nations, leads an Asian heritage club at her school, and volunteers with the Red Cross. In her spare time, she loves creating all forms of art, reading, doing yoga, writing poetry, spending time in the great outdoors, and traveling.

As music has always been an integral part of her life, Cammie believes that music education is an essential part of every student's learning experience, and is thrilled to be working with an organization that strives to provide free music lessons for underprivileged children. She firmly believes in the power of much to empower, motivate, and heal people - especially children. Cammie is interested in music therapy and the incredible effects of music on the brain.

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Isabelle Zheng || Executive Director

Isabelle Zheng is a dedicated flutist, playing in the principal position of the Portland Youth Philharmonic (PYP). She began playing the flute at the age of eleven, starting in her middle school band and eventually taking lessons. Isabelle now studies with Sydney Carlson. Before learning how to play the flute, she played the piano for a couple of years. Due to her lack of passion for the instrument, she stopped studying the piano. During the years in between instruments, Isabelle continually regretted not playing an instrument. She gained an appreciation for music education that she had never experienced before, and entered her study of the flute with newfound enthusiasm.

Isabelle is also a high school senior heavily involved in Catlin Gabel's Mock Trial team and Model United Nations club. Her favorite subjects include history, computer science, and math. In addition to music, Isabelle is a passionate advocate of youth entrepreneurship, serves as a student representative for the TiE Young Entrepreneurs program, and has led various startup teams during business competitions. In her spare time, she enjoys playing various uncommon instruments, such as the ukulele, pennywhistle, and dizi. Isabelle isn't exactly sure what she will do in the future, but it will definitely involve finding innovative solutions to current problems. 


Phyllis Liao || Chapter Director

Phyllis is a senior at Westview High School and her life basically revolves around music. Not only does she volunteer with Project Prelude, she also participates in PYP, and is part of MYS and MYSfits, the string ensemble of MYS. She also works. When she has free time, Phyllis likes to swim or draw but in reality there is never any free time because "school promotes an unrealistic expectation for students."

Phyllis volunteers at Project Prelude because she believes music education is essential for every student and people who are less advantaged should have equal opportunity in receiving it. She also wants to help bring awareness in the lack of funding for the arts and help people explore their passions without judgement of others. She says the best part about Project Prelude is to see the admiration young kids have for music that lacks in teenagers at Westview, and she also really enjoyed speaking at the National Youth Leadership Conference in March with Isabelle.

Hannah Weinstein || Chapter Director

Hannah started playing violin at the age of 5 with Brian Eliason and now studies with Esther Shim. She joined the Metropolitan Youth Symphony at age 11 and has been in its Symphony Orchestra and chamber ensemble (MYSfits) for 4 years.

Hannah is a senior at Wilson High School and is interested in studying science in college. She is also a founding member of her school's Asian Pacific Islander Student Union. In addition, Hannah has worked as a swim instructor with Portland Parks and Recreation and has volunteered at Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital.


Maristella Tojong || Chapter Instructor

When I was in the third grade, a violinist named Aaron Meyer came to my elementary school and played for all of us. I vividly remember falling in love with the sound of the violin instantly. Afterwards I begged my mom to sign me up for violin lessons and I’ve been playing ever since. I love volunteering at Project Prelude because I see myself in these kids every week; their enthusiastic desire to learn is so refreshing. I’m very glad to have the opportunity to share my passion with these young students and expose music to those who have had a lack of musical education.


Vicky Ho || Lead Flute Instructor

Vicky started playing the flute at 13 years old in her middle school band. She worked vigorously on her own to learn how to play and developed an intense love for the instrument. Previously, Vicky took lessons and played the piano for 5 years before finding that her true passion lied with the flute. In high school, she joined her school band program and marching band. As a dedicated member of the program, she auditioned into the Wind Ensemble her junior year and became flute section leader her senior year.

Vicky is currently a senior at Westview High School and is interested in becoming an educator in the future. She has participated in WIBC, a honor band hosted in Seattle, and Solo and Ensemble, where she went on to compete at the state level. Vicky has also worked in various leadership programs, such as the LITE program at THPRD, and is extremely excited to be able to volunteer at Project Prelude as an instructor because it combines the two things she loves most: music and children.